Creating Fashionable Earrings From Cheap Clay Poker Chips


For a look around in today’s casinos across the world, you’ll find that many women are now in to the gaming scene. It’s not unusual that you find women wearing distinctive and fashionable accessories like charm bracelets, coats, and also bracelets which carry a casino motif. If you know a female that basically enjoys engaging in casino games, such as blackjack, poker, and related games, then you will love the idea I will contained in this guide. Here, I’ll coach you on how to develop fashionable ear rings from Cheap Clay Poker Chips! All you will need is a couple of of Clay Poker Chips, a few Poker Accessories, and a bit of imagination for this particular project!

Materials Required:

O Any number of Affordable Clay 바카라사이트  Poker Chips, at two for one set of earrings

O Decorative earring hooks

O Craft drill, or even a standard drill that implements using a small bit

O Two varieties of dice that are designed for jewelry pieces for each group of ear rings


1. The first thing which you need to accomplish to create a stylish set of earrings created from Clay Poker Chips is always to gather chips that are popular with the eye. With the intention of this specific endeavor, it is recommended that you discover Clay Casino Poker Chips which have a design that integrates images of dice on these. Of course, you may select any design. But for this model, the dice film will really set off the overall look of those earrings.

2. Once you have two Cheap Clay Poker Chips, it is time to get out the drill which you’re likely to use for the project. First, you may wish to drill a small hole on top of the All Clay Poker Chips. Following that, you may wish to drill a hole in the base of the the Poker Chip.

3. Next, you may wish to select the dice jewelry bits and slip through the bottom hole onto the Poker Chip. Broadly speaking, there’ll soon be a clasping device which you can close around the gap which the portion is going into. This will assist you hold the jewelry dice set up. To ensure relaxation, it’s essential that the dice bits for your rings are miniatures. It’s also wise to get yourself a pair of dice that have exactly the exact colors because the true Cheap Clay Poker Chips that you are using to generate the stylish earrings.

4. Once the underside piece is attached into the Poker Chip, only attach the decorative earring hooks into the exact upper hole. You may most likely find a tiny metal piece or a little bead which will grip down firmly in addition to the chip to contain the hook in place. Be sure to lock down this bit so that the earrings will stay in 1 piece.

5. Once you’ve established the earring, then you may either give the jewelry as a gift, or store them for your self!

Creating stylish ear rings from Affordable Clay Poker Chips is an easy job. With the use of your tools, and adding a spark of imagination, you can create a unique fashion statement that’s very attractive!

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