Poker After Dark Records Record Audience


Poker After Dark hit record number this week, as over 6.4 million people tuned in to watch the showdown between Phil Ivey and Allen Cunningham. The buildup has been immense, as this session of Poker After Dark featured six of the world’s most famous poker players in a shorthanded showdown. The buy-in was $ 50,000, and the format was winner take all, with the top dog taking $ 300,000 for his efforts. The session was broken down into four episodes:

The first episode featured the start of the tournament. Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Allen Cunningham, Berry Greenstein, Bryan Piccioli, and Patrick “Baller” Butlers posted their $ 50,000 to buy into the event, and play began. In the Poker After Dark series, players actually play with their buy-in money (in this case, $ 50,000), but have to play until one player has all the chips. The only difference is players use cash on the table as well as chips 우리카지노.

The first episode started out with Fireworks, as Brunson and Piccioli were quickly knocked out after making aggressive moves with poor hands. The second episode began with four players remaining. Ivey was in the chip lead, followed by “Baller” Butler, Berry Greenstein, and a very short stacked Allen Cunningham. The second episode was all about Cunningham, as he played with a vicious aggression and quickly rebuilt his stack by knocking out Berry Greenstein and taking a ton of chips off of Phil Ivey.

The third episode with three players remaining: Cunningham in the chip lead, Phil Ivey just behind, and Butler short stacked and desperate. Patrick “Baller” Butler has been known for his aggressive play, especially once he puts his headphones on his favorite song, “Lollipop Remix”. Unfortunately players cannot listen to headphones during Dark Poker, but they were not able to mount a comeback and were eliminated in the third episode.

Poker After Dark waited a week between airing the third and fourth episodes, and during that time they tons of TV commercials and the online buzz grew. Tons of poker players are tuned in on the show to watch the show, and the final number of viewers was 6.1 million. However, the show was a bit of a bust, as Ivey completely dominated the entire match and quickly won first place and the $ 300,000 prize.

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